Jennifer Funk Fine Art

Daddy Daughter

I told Sophie the other day that her dance class was having a daddy daughter party. I told her I could go with her, or Grandpa would love to go.  That she had lots of people who loved her and many people who would love to go.
“So who do you think you want to ask to come?”
Sophie immediately replied with – “Well, Daddy is going to come with me.”
Just matter of fact. Like it was a silly question.
She continued – “I can just explain to everyone in my class that my Daddy is in heaven, so that’s why he’s not playing the games. But that he is always with me.”
In my mind I was thinking a few things at once. That I LOVE this sweet little girl who teaches me about faith, and that I am so glad she knows her Daddy is close and would not miss this little dance party for the world.   I was also thinking that I can’t let her go into that party alone, because that would break my heart. I started to panic a bit, thinking about that.
She was quiet for a minute. And then she said, “ I guess you can come if you want to Mom. You can do the games with me.”
more silence.   and then…
“You know what Mom? I bet I’m the only one who gets to have a Mommy AND a Daddy that get to come. That’s Pretty cool.”
My sweet little Sophie.   Teaches me profound things.