Jennifer Funk Fine Art

August 2011


I’m missing you extra today. Sophie starts kindergarten tomorrow and whenever I think about it I want to cry.   It’s a combination of many things – I’m a little in denial that she is old enough to go. When I had little babies at home it was easier to deal with the fact that …

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Not Really Alone

not really alone “I miss you extra today.” she said as she walked through the sand and allowed the tears to fall. The  ocean was their place & she had loved being there with him. Here he had asked her to be his forever. They had lived & played & laughed  & carved their names in the sand.   It was hard to breathe without him today.   She talked to him as she walked & told him how …

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Writers Block

I have writer’s block. I’ve been trying to write for the past few months and I sit down and get something down and then I get freaked out about putting it on here. I’m not sure why. Now that this is “public” it is a lot harder for me to just sit down and write …

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