My Story

Thank You So Much For Stopping By!

I’m Jen, mom to three brilliant girls & proud widow of my hero, Major Brad “Gyro” Funk. I believe that God can carry us through anything and that love always wins.

I’m an artist. 

{that’s kindof a big deal for me to say out loud. If you happen to be an artist as well, you know what i mean.} 
I started painting a few years ago – basically, as self prescribed grief therapy after I lost my husband.  I had written some passages that I needed to be able to read daily.  I needed to be able to look around my home and see something that was uplifting and hopeful.  Painting was an attempt to give those words a pretty home. 
I painted secretly in my basement for about a year. I didn’t tell anyone, because… well, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had never taken an art class.  I just knew that painting was making me happy, and that was a BIG deal. It took me a while to show even family or friends… then it took me a little longer to get brave enough to put my art out there for the world to see.  Putting it out there was scary because I was so connected to it. Over the years I’ve learned that ultimately having someone like or buy my work is not the important thing. Knowing what I was doing is not the important thing.  CREATING IT is the important thing.  There is a little bit of magic in creating. 
I found that creating was a great emotional outlet. (most of my paintings have some happy tears mixed in with that paint, but don’t tell anyone.) It is an emotional experience for me. I could put my heart on that canvas. The act of doing this has been very healing for me.  Most of my work has an element of loss, healing or love manifested in it, because, that’s what I am dealing with in life. It comes out on the canvas. It is also full of hope.  It’s colorful and happy.  – If I could sum up my work in a few words, it would be ” Hope.. in color”.  To me, the purpose of art is to evoke emotion. To have someone FEEL something when they look at it. To make a connection. 
I guess my mission is to make things that are uplifting & hopeful. Something that evokes joy. It began with me just needing to feel joy when I saw a passage I wrote be given a pretty home on my wall. Now I’m hoping to share that with others.  It’s made me so happy to have people tell me that my art has been something they wanted to give someone who had experienced a loss, or who needed to be reminded that things will be ok…that they thought it would help that person…. That’s the reason I’m creating it.
I sell original paintings, limited edition prints, greeting cards, notebooks, and hand stamped leather cuff bracelets.  Everything is created by me in a happy little studio in my home.  
Mom. Widow. Artist.  Life is still good. Throw some paint on it.