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Love Always Wins – widow anthem

Love Always Wins

{my widow anthem}
Something in her eyes told you she had known unimaginable loss…
but those eyes also told you she has known unimaginable love.
Overwhelmingly beautiful, empowering love.
and love is bigger than loss.
I wrote these words sometime in the first year after Brad died. I wanted to remember them . I needed to read them. Reading them helped me focus on the good.  I do know that love is bigger than loss, and that love will always win…  but I needed a reminder often. 
When I started painting a few years ago, I painted two paintings for my daughters, and then I decided to start on a painting for me. I knew I needed to give those words a home. A place that I would see often and read and re-read on hard days. This painting was an attempt to give those words a pretty backdrop. One that would be colorful and joyful. But mostly, I just needed to get those words out of my notebook and up, because they helped me. It was like I could feel Brad right there when I read them… reminding me that he was not far away and that our love is still stronger than anything that can physically happen to us. 
This painting will probably always be my favorite.  
Something happened when I was working on this painting. There are lots of tears on her.. but many of those were happy tears. While I worked on her I discovered that painting made me unbelievably happy and that this was what I was supposed to do. This was what I needed to do. So I love this girl. 
She brought a happy passion into my life that I am so grateful for.
And I also love that she talks about the love Brad and I share. 
This print is for anyone who knows what loss feels like… 
knows the emptiness and the ache and the fear…
 and needs to be reminded that their love really can can carry them through.

2 thoughts on “Love Always Wins – widow anthem”

  1. I experienced unmeasurable loss, when my son, Quinn died on a beautiful, special day, 18years old. His twin sister has been lost ever since, along with myself. I think I’m doing ok, then all emotions take over. Yes, I too believe that Love overcomes Loss and that I experienced my unimaginable loss because I knew unimaginable love. They are so intertwined. But, I’m trying to believe in your words “Love Always Wins” I will make that my new motto!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your son. We take it one minute at a time around here sometimes. A loss like that is so big. It affects everything. Thank you so much for sharing. I wrote those words on a good, strong day. I put them up, because I need to read them on the tough days where I can’t quite remember that love will always win.

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