Jennifer Funk Fine Art

Jennifer Funk Fine Art

Welcome to our little place in the world!  I’m Jen, and I’m so happy you are here.  I’m mom to three brilliant daughters and proud widow of our hero, Major Brad “Gyro” Funk.  Here you will find happy, hopeful art that i create in my studio in my home. The blog, Hope In Color, chronicles a bit of our life, my work and our family as we navigate life living with loss.  You’ll also find the home base of Operation Serve to Heal.  Our service initiative we participate in on Brad’s angelversary. We would love for you to join with us this year. 

 Thank you so much for stopping by. We hope you stay a while. 

Create Hope Foundation

 It’s been my dream for years to have a place {online and in the real world} where widows from our community can support each other.   If there were one thing I would change about the beginning of my widow journey, it would be connecting with other widows earlier.  

The sole purpose of Create Hope Foundation is to connect local widows and help them foster relationships that will make this widow road easier to walk.  We held our first retreat last summer. I hoped to have another retreat this summer, but the pandemic is making that a little tricky. When we can resume retreats we will. Until then, we will be focusing on raising money to go toward the digital component of my dream for Create Hope. 

My dream is to have a place online where widows can find resources that will be helpful to them and to find a safe place to connect and share with other women in their same circumstances. 


Hope {in color}

A blog about living with loss and finding a new yes.

Beauty For Ashes

This quote comes from one of my most favorite and comforting scriptures ever. Isaiah 61 –  This little painting is one of my new favorites. 

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Trust Him

I’ve had these exact words on a giant chalk board  in my room for the past five years.  TRUST HIM.  You can do this.  p.s.

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We believe ART HEALS.

Do you know someone, ( maybe it’s you???) that would love some happy, meaningful art to brighten up their day?  

In the shop you’ll find original paintings, limited edition prints, greeting cards, teeny tiny cards and hand stamped leather cuffs.  

My goal is to make hopeful & happy work at every price point for every budget. 

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About Jennifer

This is us. This is our, not perfect, but very happy little family a few months before we lost Brad. This was in 2008.  Since that time, our daughters have grown, and we’ve all learned so much. About life, and love and loss and about continuing to move forward even when your heart is broken and your favorite person in the world is separated from you.   

I began painting {self prescribed grief therapy} years ago and found that it was a healing and happy thing for me.  Here, i’m sharing my work, my words and some of the things i’ve learned along the way. I’m hoping they will be helpful to someone. 


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Operation Serve To Heal

Read more about how to be involved in OPERATION SERVE TO HEAL.

 Our service initiative honoring our hero {husband, father & best friend} Brad “Gyro” Funk.   

Our hero
Major Brad "Gyro" Funk

Hope {in color}

A blog about living with loss and finding a new yes.

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Life is still good. Throw some paint on it.

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