Jennifer Funk Fine Art

Trust Him

I’ve had these exact words on a giant chalk board 
in my room for the past five years. 
TRUST HIM.  You can do this.  p.s. You ARE doing this.
I needed to read them every morning 
and I needed to read them every night.  
Half the time I was bawling when I read them, 
but they still always helped.
I decided to create a painting that would be a little prettier and more permanent than my chalk board. {and I discovered a new palette that I love!}
This one is for anyone who needs to see these words daily as a reminder that they are already doing what they thought they could never do. 
And that when we trust Him… 
everything will always be ok. 
Actually, not just ok, but good. 
Even if we can’t imagine it right now.

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  1. “Trust Him” is one of my favorites, although I live them all. I have this print in my bedroom! It makes me happy!

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