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Evidences of Brad

Today Brad would be 46. We will celebrate his life today. And how grateful we are that we got to share it with him. Some days are harder than others… some we know will be hard, and some catch us off guard and knock us off our feet. My hope for today is that it will be a celebration day. It’s always bittersweet, but we are hoping for more sweet than bitter.

I think that kind of describes living life with loss. Bittersweet. Last year I took a photograghy class and I thought today would be a fitting day to share my final project with you. It’s a photo essay titled Evidences of Brad.

We believe that Brad {beloved husband, father, best friend extraordinaire} is still very much a part of our days as we continue to go through this life without him physically with us.

His absence is profound. It has weight to it. How difficult that weight is to bear fluctuates and changes daily. I wanted to demonstrate through photos, the feeling of his absence. This is something my girls and I deal with daily. The feeling that someone is missing. The feeling that someone is being missed.

Brads presence during our joys has been a wonderful surprise, and is one of the greatest blessings of my life.  It’s like our own personal little miracle. Woven throughout this project are photos that demonstrate that feeling we have when we feel his presence with us in joy. He is with us, not just for important, life changing events; but in our every day, simple life as well.

I wanted to give you a little glimpse into our life. Sorrow and joy woven together into a beautiful story that is still being written

Evidences of Brad

A photo essay

Happy Birthday my boy. You would be 46 today. ( and you will continue to advance in age, because I refuse to be older than you.) 11 birthdays without you. We love you ,and miss you. We will celebrate you today. In all my feelings swirling around today, the biggest is gratitude. Gratitude that you were here and for the time we had with you. Gratitude that we found each other and for the time we did get. Gratitude for our girls.

And gratitude for eternity.

One day closer. 

9 thoughts on “Evidences of Brad”

  1. This is beautiful Jen…. and tender…. Thank You!!
    We have had an awesome day with all of you.
    Love you 💙♥️💖💖💖

  2. Jessica Nicholson

    What an amazing tribute! I love that you are celebrating his life! We did not know your family well (I am saddened by that thought) but you have been an inspiration to me! Eternal marriage is a beautiful thing! Thank you!

  3. Courtney Eiseman

    I don’t know where to start, other than to say it has been deeply moving to read about your love for one another. I’m so very sorry to learn (just this week) about Brad’s death. I dated him briefly my senior year of college at FSU while he was at Tyndall in 2001. It was just before he left for Mountain Home. I don’t know what prompted me to try to find him on social media this last week. I was rubbing my stepdaughter’s palm in a certain way and realized it was something he had “taught” me. And I was curious, trying to figure out how old he would be now; I’m turning 40 this June. I’m sure I must have tried to find him prior to this, but this past week, I stumbled across your blog. It took my breath away. I’m so glad that you found one another, as devastated as I recall I was when he left for Idaho because I was certain he was “the one that got away”. Reading your blog and seeing his pictures brought back so many memories, particularly of swing dancing and singing karaoke😂. Just want to send my love to you and your girls.

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