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Trust Him

I’ve had these exact words on a giant chalk board  in my room for the past five years.  TRUST HIM.  You can do this.  p.s. You ARE doing this. I needed to read them every morning  and I needed to read them every night.   Half the time I was bawling when I read them,  …

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It was your birthday on Saturday. It is always bittersweet, But we had a good day. We celebrated and tried to make it about you. The girls loved it.  They scribbled on balloons and blew out candles.  We watched home movies and Ty even loved that part.  Your last birthday that we spent together was …

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Today when I was laying Sophie down for her nap we were talking. She likes me to tell her what we are doing the rest of the day,  and the next day and so on. I think it is comforting for her to know ahead of time what the plan is. Today when we were …

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Beginning so I have never done a blog before and I don’t really know what i’m doing, but I need a place to write about my life and what I’m dealing with and I don’t even know if I will make this public or not. but I do want my girls to read this someday …

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