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Tyler’s Song – Six Years

Six years.
Instead of focusing on the sad…. or the loss.
Focus on the LOVE.
Because no time, no distance, nothing exists in the world that can change OUR love.
It’s mine and Brad’s. And it’s still growing and we are both actively still giving and receiving that love.
It is part of my physical makeup now.
And the real interesting part of our story….. is not the loss too soon, or the hard parts.
The real story in my life that is worth sharing is the LOVE STORY.
And that is still being written.
Everything I do now, Brad is a part of. I can feel him cheering me on and whispering that he’s close. and that he loves me and that he’s proud. I can feel his influence in our home and with our girls. I can feel him tell me he loves me….
And today – that love makes me feel exactly the same as it did before Brad’s death.
It makes me feel like I can do anything with him by my side. And my sweet husband is good at reminding me that he is still by my side.
Tyler is a little musician. She wrote a song a few months ago that I thought would be fitting to share today.
{and I get to brag for a minute…. because she is not here to get mad at me for doing it…}
Ty took some words that I wrote and stuck on my bathroom wall to help me remember some important things. {I shared them in this post}  She took those words. That were not a song – or poetry, or even close to it…and turned them into a beautiful song. {I still told her I get a song writing credit though 🙂 }
She wrote the music – for guitar and piano, and all the harmonies and arranged them all… basically, she is brilliant and amazing.  I will never forgot when I got a little video text she sent from school of her playing this song for the first time… I was in awe of her and cried lots of happy tears.   One of my favorite memories of this year was going with her and getting to listen while she recorded some of her music. (this is the 2nd song she has ever written by the way…)
{I made a video so I could upload it to youtube…basically, because I didn’t know how to get just the song on here. – so enjoy some cute pics of my extra sexy husband while you listen.}