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Brad –
Do you remember when Ty was trying out for soccer at Burkburnett Middle School? And, you must have been flying lates that day because you were home and I was telling you how nervous I was for her and how much I hoped she would make it… on and on. etc etc.

And you just laughed and told me to calm down.  I was starting to explain how hard Ty had worked and that I hoped she remembered everything she had learned from you.

again, you laughed a bit. and said

“Have you met our daughter? She is easily the most talented, smartest girl I know. She is good at everything she tries. No kidding, EVERYTHING.”

And then you smiled and said – “It’s actually pretty annoying. ”  

I’m sure she will make the team. and everything will be fine.

Well, Ty made that team, and everything was fine. 

And years passed. And lots of things weren’t fine.

But one thing never changed.    Ty is still

“easily the most talented and smartest girl I know.”

She has taken that little bit of determination she had at that young age and changed it into something that would shape her very world. Something that would help her to rise up when she was facing really hard things instead of sinking. 

I have watched this beautiful little girl go through things that many people, years older than her, haven’t had to endure.  I have watched her do this with grace and courage. Always doing her best and giving it her all, even when much less would have been ok, certainly understandable and even expected.

I was telling her the other day how proud I was of her.  For always doing her best. In school. In our family. In everything that matters.  
I kindof just want to shout it from the rooftops. 

So that’s what I’m going to do for a minute. shout from the rooftops about Ty. 

She is my best friend. 
She is the reason I am sane. literally. 
She is such an amazing sister to these two little girls who copy EVERY SINGLE THING she does. (and that does not worry me one bit)  
She is strong in her faith and brave in the way she lives it. 
She is brilliant – in school and in music.  she has known for years that because Brad was killed in the line of duty, she would have help with school. That she could go to any State school for free. Most kids might think this means they can take it easy in high school and just get by and still be on a “full ride” essentially when it came time for college. (I will admit, I would probably have done that)  but not Ty. She took some of the hardest classes they offer at her school. AP classes and college classes. Every year. She works her butt off and gets straight A’s.  

She fills our house with beautiful music night and day. She really is a total choir geek. She makes me listen to her new favorite composer. And did I notice the 15 part harmony in this song? She can rattle off classical composers that Brad introduced her too and more that she has discovered without him. She lights up when she is doing anything musical. She’s either at the piano, on her guitar or singing her heart out just about any moment that she is home.  A few weeks ago Ty was getting ready to audition for music Sterling Scholar at Fremont. And I spent that day feeling that same feeling I had when she tried out for soccer so long ago.   And I got to remember my sweet husbands advice and laugh at how “annoyingly talented” our beautiful daughter is.   And I knew it would be OK even if she didn’t get it. I really was just so proud of her for even going to all the work to apply. She spent hours and hours getting her application ready. (and it makes me laugh to say that her resume is probably more impressive than mine:)  
The night before auditions she was saying that she didn’t really think she would get it. But that it has been really good for her to just try. And she knew she would regret not trying and she has learned a lot from applying. So she would try not to be nervous during her performance and interview. She would just talk about how much she loves music and how much it has helped her in her life.

Well, she must have let some of that light out during auditions because the music sterling scholar is currently residing at my house 🙂   And, of course that’s really not the neatest thing about her. It’s just the most recent cool thing. 

I want to tell Ty how much I love her and what a privilege it is to be her mother. She really is an extraordinary girl. One of the greatest blessings in my life. It was a life changing thing for me to know that my Heavenly Father had entrusted this amazing little girl to me. She amazes me with her strength and the grace that she has dealt with her trials. I learn so much from her every day.