Jennifer Funk Fine Art

10 Years

10 yrs ago this last weekend I met my soul mate.
And he changed everything.

I’ve been thinking about that magical little weekend 10 years ago a lot over this past month.

Thinking about the totally random miraculous way we even met. (blind date, set up by someone I had met, I think once, about 10 yrs earlier.)

Thinking about talking to Brad on the phone the night before our date – and how easy everything was. He made me laugh and he listened. And I remember thinking, “please, please , please don’t be a total mutant. Please don’t be 7 inches shorter than me and please be at least a little cute, because I kindof already like you  – and that’s kindof a big thing for me.

I remember driving down to meet everyone in Salt Lake and being really nervous and feeling like something big was coming.

I remember he took me flying.  I thought his pilot lingo on the radio was about the sexiest thing ever.

We hung out and talked in my car after the date for a few hours. (we really were just talking people, get your minds out of the gutter)  He told me about his job (that he loved) and his family (that he loved more) and what he wanted out of life.  And the thing that impressed me most about him was that he listened to me. He wanted to know all about Ty and teaching and my family. He wanted to know about things that actually matter.  And just by talking to him I realized the other thing that I loved most about him. That he was good. He knew what he believed and what kind of person he wanted to be. He wasn’t overbearing, but he didn’t apologize for wanting to live the way he did.

I had some pretty giant walls built up and I guess you could say I had some trust issues when it came to dating. I wasn’t about to put myself out there or get my hopes up about a guy I barely knew.  So when he said “I’ll call you tomorrow and is it Ok if I stop by on my way back to Idaho?”  I remember thinking that I really hoped he would, but I wouldn’t be planning on it. And it was conference weekend, so I wouldn’t be getting out of my sweats or combing my hair hoping some guy would show up only to have him not even call.  So the next day when Brad called and said he was on his way I’m pretty sure I had time to brush my teeth and that was about it.

He met Ty and met my family. I remember watching him talk to them and loving that he treated them like they were the most important people in the world. (I soon learned that he treated everyone like that)

And that night I walked him out to his car and he kissed me. And it didn’t matter that my sister and Tyler (I mean, my horrible sister and horrible daughter) were peeking through the window and mocked me mercilessly when I came back in the house – because it was one of those movie kisses where music plays in your head and your knees go weak.   One of those kisses where you feel like you are finally home. And finally safe.  I felt all of that that night.  But it would take some time and convincing before my mind would believe it.  It was like somewhere deep down my spirit was saying – Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.

I remember mustering up enough courage to say – “This was fun, you should call me next time you are in town.” (that was about as forward as I was capable of being)

And I remember Brad smiling and saying, “Oh, I think I’ll be calling you before that.”
And he called every day after that.
And that was the beginning.
He took me flying that first night. And has been teaching me to fly since.