Jennifer Funk Fine Art

Operation Serve To Heal

Join us May 1st for  Operation Serve To Heal

May 1st will mark 7 years since losing Brad.   Last year we added some small acts of service to what we normally do on this day {you can read more about that here}We found that something special happened when we focused on serving others instead of focusing on what we lost.

We will be serving in honor of
Major. Brad “Gyro” Funk.
He is our Hero. {husand, father, best friend}
He continues to be our inspiration.

We would love to have you join us this year.
Serve in honor of someone YOU love… and see what happens.
We want to hear your story.. who you chose to serve for and how that service impacted your day.

Snap a pic of what you chose to do and add the hashtag
You can also tag @jenniferfunkdesigns on instagram.

This discovery of how powerful and healing service can be has been a little miracle for our family and brought us purpose and joy on a normally very difficult day.

My sweet cousin in law is helping us spread the word about our special day.
Visit her website   to see a beautiful little video of the girls explaining Operation Serve To Heal  created by @maddeeshawfilms {thanks Maddee!!!} and to download a darling printable that you can give out on Friday with an explanation of the significance of this day.
For the first time ever we are actually not dreading  May 1st.
 We hope you will join us.