Jennifer Funk Fine Art

Swim. Bike. Run. FLY

I Just got home from the St. George Triathlon.  I am tired, so this will be short – but I just have to say that we have the greatest family ever.   This is our third year doing the Tri in honor of Brad. The first year I was scared to death – I had a freshly  broken toe and I was  not really  prepared to run the race; but I was easily much more terrified of the news cameras that were there.  But it turned out great. Their story KSL News did on Brad and everyone running in his memory was wonderful and it was so fun to see his handsome face on t.v.  (When I figure out how to post a link to the story I will add it )

I did the relay this year. Tyler ran like a champ (it’s the first time she has really run since her ACL reconstruction) Aimee biked and shaved 7 minutes off her time from last year. I swam. Not very quickly. I was getting a little claustrophobic in my wetsuit and had to stop a bunch to just try to breathe.   I added a minute from last year – so that is kindof a bummer, but that’s not really that big of a deal to me.  I’m not doing this thing to get a good time. The thing I love the most about doing the Tri is that I can feel my sweet husband with me every step of the way.  It’s like he’s right there whispering that I can do this.  I feel that from him every day, just in life. (this life that I was supposed to be going through with him right by my side)  Whispers that I can do this and to just keep going. When I’m training for this event; {something that i don’t really love, and it’s definitely difficult for me} It seems like sometimes I can hear those encouraging and empowering whispers just a little bit better.  And that , right there is one of the main reasons i do it. Because I need to hear those whispers loud and clear.

 This year we had bright green t-shirts with Swim, bike, run, FLY. In memory of Major Brad “Gyro” Funk on them. So I got to come out of the water to a sea of green shirts jumping up and down and cheering for me. That is the best part of the race. It is also a literal representation of what I feel from our amazing family on a daily basis.  The girls and I feel and see this crowd loving us and cheering us one. They are also missing and loving Brad right along with us.  It is overwhelming. ( in a good way, which is nice for a change)

Doing the relay might be wussing out a little; but then I get to go cheer for everyone else in our little clan running it and that is the other best part.

I know that Brad loves that we do this.   And that part makes me the happiest of all.