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Memorial Day

Memorial Day

I miss my old memorial day. I miss when it was about a day off to spend all together. A day to go to the beach or BBQ. We did always talk about WHY this day was important; but it was always such a happy day spent with family.   I miss spending memorial day with my best friend.

Now everyday is a memorial day for us. I do like when the rest of the country joins in.  Although days like this are always a little more emotional for me, I do not want it to be a sad day. I want it to be a day that I will show how proud I am of my amazing, sweet husband. I enjoy feeling like people remember him a little more on that day. (along with every other soldier who has given his life for this country)

This year each of the girls got to pick out their own flower for Dad. (the little girls were so excited to go take these to daddy. Addie kept saying ” I go cemetery to give daddy my flower” She is darling when she says it and it is not something that makes her sad; but it’s so strange to hear those words come out of her sweet little mouth. That is a sentence no child should be saying.)  We set up flags Sunday evening around his headstone and took the flowers out on Monday. ( along with balloons with notes to daddy on them)   We each picked a beautiful plant in a pot that we brought home a few days later and planted around our new flagpole in the front yard.  That way we always get to see them.  I actually like to go to the cemetery. But I don’t feel like I NEED to go all the time. I know I don’t need to be there to talk to Brad. I’m pretty sure the only time he is there is when we are.

We had everyone over for a BBQ and played in the backyard on all the new stuff and roasted marshmallows. It was really fun and I’m so glad we did it.  It is good for me to do things like that on those days.  Being surrounded by family is always good.

I love you my boy. You are our Hero. Not just because you gave your life for our country, but more for the way you chose to LIVE your life everyday.  Thank you for doing heroic things everyday – even if it was just acting like you were thrilled to have spoonfuls of peanut butter for dinner because for whatever reason (sickness, up all night, etc) your wife hadn’t gotten around to making dinner. – Thank you for lighting up every time you walked through the door, playing chase with Sophie; kissing me like you hadn’t seen me in weeks and when asked how your day was replying – “much better now”. Thank you for being “Brad, Brad the Wonder Dad.  Thank you for being you.

We Miss you