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Operation Serve to Heal

Resources, Ideas & Past Projects

We started Operation Serve to Heal in 2014 with just our family. 

The following year we invited others to join us.

Here are some resources we use when we are trying to figure out what to do, along with some of our past projects. 

Remember, service in your own family is always a great idea! 

{that’s what we are choosing to do this year}



This is a great resource if you are in Utah. Look around the site and you can see what donations are needed and find opportunities to serve.
Just serve is a great resource for anywhere in the US! Just search for service opportunities in your area. We have found many of our projects here.
Another great resource for Utahns. They make it so easy to find a way to serve.
Ogden Area. There is a list of ongoing donation needs on their site.
On this site you will find directions for making fleece blankets to donate to refugee children
This is a resource for helping at risk children


My best advice is don’t make the project part difficult. It doesn’t need to be fancy or grand, it just needs to help someone. It can be so simple. Choose something that works for your family. Look around and see who in your sphere of influence could use something that might brighten their day. 

Another great idea is to just look around your community and see if there is a need you can identify. Our first year, this girls were still really little. Our service needed to be quick, and not too difficult. We chose to go pick up the cups around the overpass where people write out messages… but usually neglect to come back and clean up. It was fun to see what a difference it made to pick up all those leftover cups! It was the perfect service for us that year.      

Weeding at the Union Station
Painting Fire Hydrants (this was a blast)
Buy someone's food behind you in the drive through. This is the girls favorite because it means they usually get a little something too.
Serving in the Temple is a favorite for May 1st.

If you check
you will find other great ideas from people all over

Thank you so much for joining us. It means more than you know.

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Charities We Love

Shamba Foundation helps care for and educate orphan children in Kenya. My friend started this charity, and we love to support these beautiful children however we can.
This charity is so close to my heart. Through the AWP I first met other military widows. I saw the power that comes from building relationships with other widows. AWP has changed my life.
We love Snowball! The girls and I have had the opportunity many times to attend this yearly event where they honor children of the fallen. We love to give back to them when we can.
This charity has been an amazing support for my oldest daughter Tyler while she's been in school.