Jennifer Funk Fine Art

Hand Stamped Leather CUFF Order Form

Please fill out this form and I’ll get you a custom quote on the cuff you want.   Most Cuffs range from $30 to $50 depending on the leather chosen and the quote length.

Please write your quote exactly as you would like it to appear on your cuff. (including capitalization and punctuation)  Any quote longer than 26 characters is considered lengthy and longwinded.  There will be an additional $10 charge to cover the additional metal needed and time to stamp.

Your available metal choices are Gold, Silver and Copper. (it’s not REAL gold or silver. Just an alloy that looks similar. It IS REAL COPPER) 

When I receive your form i’ll email you photos of the leather I currently have available and you can make your choice from that. Most of the leather comes from upcycled belts, so its pretty much one of a kind. I do have two colors of hand cut leather available in bulk. (see photos below)  If you want an extreemly long quote the leather will need to be wide. The hand cut leather is perfect for that.  It’s also soft and fabulous! 

I will match the snap and hardwear to your metal choice. If you would like me to use a different metal for the hardwear please indicate that below in the ANYTHING ELSE I NEED TO KNOW box. 

For your wrist measurement please wrap a string snugly around your wrist and then measure that string with a ruler. Send me the snug measurement. I will add to it so the cuff will fit comfortably.  If this is a gift, you can tell me your best guess of small, regular size or large wrist. I add two snaps to each cuff, so you have two options of how loose or tight to wear it.  My regular sized cuffs fit 99% of my customers.

Embossing:  If you would like your leather embossed please indicate that in the ANYTHING ELSE I NEED TO KNOW box as well and I’ll send you photos of your options. There is a $5 up-charge for embossing. 

Thank you!!! I hope you love your hand stamped custom cuff. Those words are powerful!

* please note: Each cuff is hand cut and stamped. The lettering will look as such. Please see the examples below so you have an idea of the character that your cuff will have.  Each piece of leather is slightly different and will wear differently. The rustic, aged look is a bonus ;),

Metal Choices:

Gold Brass

Nickel Silver


(Bronze is sold out) 

Walnut hand cut leather:

 Rich Dark Brown. Can be cut to any width. Perfect for longer quotes. Can be embossed as well. This leather is rustic and soft. It feels amazing on your wrist and weathers beautifully.


Chestnut hand cut leather:

This leather can be cut to any width. It’s perfect for longer quotes and can be embossed as well. It has a slightly shiny finish and weathers beautifully.