Jennifer Funk Fine Art

Art is about connection. I’ve been amazed at how something as simple as moving paint around on a canvas can be so powerful.  The art I hang in my home is personal. I want your special piece to be the same.  

Part of my commissions process includes collecting items that have meaning from you to add to your painting. These items can be as simple as a note from your child, sheet music to a favorite song or pages from a special book. Use your imagination! I’ve used lace from a wedding dress or plane tickets. Anything that will make you happy just to know it’s there. Copies work great! That way I won’t be ripping up any 20 year old love notes. 

You can send me a list of a few words or quotes that I can hide  in the painting for you.  These will be buried in the layers, some may be barely visible, but they each lend the power of those words to your painting and make it meaningful.