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Five Years

Today marks five years since Brad’s death. That is crazy to me. Five years sounds like a long time. And it’s weird because it seems like a lifetime ago and also just yesterday all at the same time. I remember very vividly walking in my bed room to get Addie who was six months old …

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Fancy Valentines

So it’s safe to say that Valentines day is no longer one of my favorite holidays. to be honest, it pretty much blows now. And each year it is a hard day and it seems like I miss Brad more on that day than others….(didn’t think that was possible, but I guess it is.) so …

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is another one of those holidays that I loved so much when Brad was here – but is difficult now without him.  My first Mother’s day without him was the day after his funeral. That was a bad one. The other’s have been…o.k.   I struggled with it this year and tried to …

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